First Presbyterian Church

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   In May 2012 our Session approved the hiring of an architect to conduct a full assessment regarding the structural integrity, mechancial systems, electrical and plumbling systems, and abestos material of our church facilities.  The majority of the funding for this project came from a gift from Maxine McIntosh and Richard Ayers from their mother Mary's estate.  The Session also approved paying the remainder of the cost using a portion of the bequests of George Mansfield and Thelma Parsell.

   In April 2014 a town hall meeting of the congregation was held to discuss the inital results of the assessments focusing on deferred maintenance issues facing the church.

   Below are videos developed by Elder Dave Evans and played prior to worship on two Sundays in November 2014 to provide our congregation with information on our Session's decision to hire an architect and the results of the assessments. 

The Case for A Pro


Give It To Me Straight